Rules and Regs

2021 Rules and Regulations

  • Should any item in these Rules and Regulations conflict with the current Top Gun bylaws, the bylaws shall take precedence.
  • Top Gun monthly flight operations will adhere to the 2021 Waiver which includes the rules and regulations published and approved by the Board of Directors.  It is the most current version of the Top Gun Competition Rules.  Any rule changes which occur mid-year, the change will be applied going forward not backward.  The Top Gun Competition Rules are adapted from the AX-MER rules as modeled by the FAI Balloon Commission.  They are like other rules such as those used by the BFA since all rules published are modeled after the AX-MER rules.
  • Top Gun event scoring will be by method of proportional scoring as described in the Top Gun Rules as of our annual meeting that year.
  • Results from Top Gun flight operations are provided to the BFA per their guidelines for entry into their National Eligibility Listing.
  • All HACD scores will be submitted to the BFA unless otherwise stated in writing as determined by the Top Gun Board of Directors.
  • Annual dues are $50 for pilot membership and $5 for official membership. There will no longer be a monthly flying fee. A pilot may also be an official member and vice versa if so inclined provided they hold a current private or commercial hot air balloon pilot certificate.  Double membership will only receive one vote in elections, or any matter voted upon. (8/18)
  • Membership to Top Gun can be revoked by majority vote of the board for behavior deemed detrimental to the club, the ballooning community, or the public.
  • Top Gun Membership Application and dues equals Top Gun Member.  Rule also applies at sign in/registration before briefing. (4/18)
  • A board member’s membership can be revoked either by majority vote of the board or two-thirds vote of the general membership.
  • To qualify for year-end Top Gun ranking or Rookie of the Year a pilot must participate in a minimum of one-third of all Top Gun tasks called during the year plus (3) three weekends.
  • To be eligible for Rookie of the Year a pilot may not have qualified for it in any previous year.
  • Pilots will be assigned a number based on the order of application except for #1 which will be reserved for the previous year champion.  The pilot will be responsible for any loss or damage. Other numbers may be assigned as necessary.
  • Pilots are responsible for replacing lost baggies and/or loggers.  Baggies are $20 or replace same color at time of debrief. Loggers are charged at current replacement cost.
  • A category AX9 will be accepted with conditional approval by the Event Director.

2021 Top Gun KML Files