About the Rio Grande Classic

We are very excited to announce the 2021 Rio Grande Classic!


Check back on this site regularly to find out all the events, and follow and learn more about all our pilots this year!

Who will be champion and receive the $800 1st prize!

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2021 Pilots and Balloons

Stephen Coffing Twist of Fate Natasha Stanke Bank Bobber Bruce Wood Target Seeker Michael Glen Elivation II Edward Gordon Freedom Won Blair Kaufman Stars and Stripes Lonnie Carreathers Spectrum Gary Heavin Almost Heaven Joe Heartstill Texas Racer Zerk Welz Guilty John Wilson JAW's Jason Buckner The Usual Stacy Eldridge Teardrop Cowboy Robert Grassbaugh Model T Clinton Caldwell Patient Endurance Dale Wong Ursa Minor Steven Williams Diamondback Shawn Speicher Mass Influence Christopher Cliver Happy Hour Kelly Price Primary Colors Mike Heffron Lil Bit Lucas Heartstill Texas Racer II Keith Tacach Margaret Billson Thomas Kious Dream On Megan Skelton Maharani Mark Sullivan Code Red Megan Skelton Maharani Neil Jackson Flying Circus Hector Corominas His Victory J.J. Mancini Mr. Sprinkles William Fitzpatrick Integrity Chris...

Chris Cliver – Our RGC 2021 Event Director!

Chris is a second generation balloon pilot, holding an LTA rating since 2014. While holding commercial and gas balloon ratings, his experience in ballooning has always been centered on the competitive side of the sport. Chris has represented the USA in two FAI junior world championships and he plans to compete in his third in 2021. He has also...