After pilots fly fixed interval (about 30 or 45 min.), they drop their marker. The distance between the point its marker has dropped and the target set in the takeoff area should be shorter. The winner who made the shortest distance gets 1000 points. The key point is that how they keep from not to moving in the sky or how they come back to the takeoff area.


  • Competitors will attempt to achieve a mark or valid track point close to the common reference point, after flying a
    minimum set time or distance.
  •  Task Data:
    a) Arrangements of timing
    b) Minimum set time or distance
    c) Reference point
  •  The result is the distance from the mark or closest valid track point to the common reference point. Smallest 2D
    result is best.
  •  The scoring position is the mark or best track point after the minimum time or distance has elapsed. Otherwise
    the scoring position will be the landing position, provided that the balloon has been seen by an official to be still
    airborne after the minimum time