This game is always held with the combination of other tasks. At first, pilots drop markers of another task. At this time, pilots need to write where to drop the next marker. This task is similar to Pilot Declared Goal (PDG).


  • Competitors will attempt to achieve a mark or valid track point close to a goal selected and declared by them before
    take-off or during flight.


  • Task Data:
    a) Method of declaration (also see Section II.12 and 12.3
    b) Number of goals permitted
    c) Goals available for declaration
    d) Declaration point requirement
    e) Minimum and maximum distance between declaration point and declared goal(s)
    f) Minimum and maximum distances of declared goal(s) from any other targets noted on TDS.


  •  The result is the distance from the mark or closest valid track point to the nearest valid declared goal. Smallest
    result is best.


  •  Rules governing the declaration methods are in Section II.12 and shall be detailed on the TDS.
    • A competitor shall identify his goal by map coordinates. For goal declaration of pre-defined goals, the goal number
      may be used.
      12. 3.2 A goal declaration violating the restrictions of Section II will be considered invalid and the competitor will not achieve
      a result. In case the competitor is allowed to declare more than one goal in a task and one or more goals are
      invalid, the competitor will be scored to the nearest valid goal if any.
      12. 3.3 In tasks where a competitor is required to declare his goal(s) or other declarations according to the TDS, he shall
      do so in writing and his declaration shall be deposited before declaration time at the place of the declaration box
      specified in the briefing data, clearly identified with his name and/or competition number. If more goals or
      declarations are made than permitted, the competitor will be scored to the least advantageous valid goal.
      A competitor who wishes to revise his declaration may deposit a further declaration, within the declaration time, if
      it is clearly marked to distinguish it from any previous declaration(s).
      The timekeeper/official will close the declaration box precisely at the declaration time, and will accept late goal
      declarations, writing the time in minutes and seconds on each.
      12. 3.4 Penalty for late declarations that must be made a specified time before take-off is 100 task points per minute or
      part of a minute late.
      If the competitor fails to declare before take-off, he will not achieve a result.
      12. 3.5 If a declaration may be made in flight – before a defined time, point or boundary – and the competitor fails to do
      so, he will not achieve a result.
      Goals not meeting distance limitations will be scored according to the rule on distance infringements.