A Sample Day

A sample morning at a RGC or Top Gun Event:

Night Before:

  • Coordinate with your crew on when and where to meet
  • Make sure you have your Laptop/iPad/GPS Units Charged
  • Follow all your normal balloon/equipment checklists
  • Determine weather to see if you are going to heat your tanks

The Morning of:

  • Check in at the Live Briefing – you can bring your navigator or crew chief.
    • There may be standing room for one crew member, but do not bring your entire crew to briefing.
  • Get your Task Sheet, Markers, and Logger and sign-in for the morning.
    • If this is a multi-day event, you will get back your used markers.
  • Immediately start working on your Task Sheet:
    • Initial Launch Points
    • Pilot Declared Goals
    • Marker Colors/Type of Drop
    • Plot all given coordinates into your GPS/iPad/Laptop
    • Every detail on a task sheet means something – the ‘Devil is in the Details’
  • You will receive a weather briefing.
  • Your Event Director will go over the Task Sheet.
  • The Event Director and Safety Officer will give a Green or Red Flag.
  • Meet up with your crew.
  • Determine your launch site.
  • Perform your tasks.
  • Land and recover.
  • Immediately return your Logger and unused markers to the Briefing location.
  • Enjoy the day tailgating with your fellow pilots, learning from debriefing each other, and telling tall stories.