2017 Rio Grande Classic

Dear Aeronaut, as we near Memorial Day Weekend, we are excited to celebrate another year of great competition at the Rio Grande Classic. This letter is to give you the final rally plan, logistics and schedule of events.

Application: All slots are full.  Contact Mark Trillanes at 505-269-2426 or mark@trillanes.com for possible waiting list.

Schedule of Events:  TBD:                                                                                        All briefing/debriefing activities will take place at the Balloon Fiesta Offices 5000 Balloon Fiesta Pkwy NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113. Refueling location to be announced at master briefing.  We are excited to use this beautiful facility and appreciate your respect of our hosts during this event.

Registration:  TBD:
Please be sure to bring all required paperwork (pilot certificate, registration, airworthiness certificate and logbooks showing flight review and balloon annual).

Mandatory Briefing:
A mandatory pilot briefing will take place on TBD at Balloon Fiesta Office.

Rules & Digital Maps:
Available for download soon. Pilots who paid for paper maps will receive them at registration.



Social Activities: TBD

We are looking forward to seeing you all again over Memorial Day Weekend and enjoying another year of excellent weather and great competition.



Our 2017 Rio Grande Classic Sponsors!!!